Break the temptation to view Internet porn.

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Psychologist Al Cooper said three factors play a role:

  1. It is accessible. There are literally millions of porn websites which can be accessed almost anywhere.
  2. It is affordable. Most people who view pornography only view the free material.
  3. It is anonymous. You can look at porn in the privacy of your home or office. No one has to know you are viewing it.

Like a three-legged stool, break the leg of anonymity and the allure of pornography collapses.


What if you could send a report of your Internet activity to a friend or mentor so you could talk about where you struggle online? What if you could see the sites your kids visit, the YouTube videos they watch, and the search terms they use? Internet Accountability is not about catching someone red-handed. It’s not even a Filter, blocking content outright (though we do have a Filter as well). Instead, Internet Accountability is a report of your Internet activities, designed to start a conversation, helping everyone in your home make wiser choices about Internet use.

  • For parents, it means you can have targeted conversations about the sites your kids visit and the search terms they use.
  • For adults, it means the temptation to click on inappropriate and pornographic links is reduced.

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Here are links to accountability software and internet filters. Victory Worship Center endorses Internet Accountability. However, Victory Worship Center does not endorse any one Software Company. We are offering suggestions for each of you to research and consider. Take action today to break free from the bondage of pornography.

Covenant Eyes (Around 10 dollars per month. 30 day money back guarantee.)

Accountable2You (10 day free trial then around 5 dollars per month.)

X3 Watch (Around 7 dollars a month or 65 dollars a year. 30 day money back guarantee. Some free services offered but restrictive.)

K9 Web Filter (Free Internet Filtering.)